On this page, you will find information about all of our fundraising initiatives unrelated to the BJC and Pegula fundraisers.  These include smaller club fundraisers, as well as opportunities for our members to fundraise some of their trip costs.  Below is a calendar of upcoming fundraising events, details for each event, contact information for our fundraising chairperson, and information on how to get involved.

Schedule of Events
Bake Sales

Bake sales are a type of fundraising event where a local business allows us to set up a table in front of their store/restaurant/etc. where we sell homemade baked goods.  These events sometimes serve as fundraisers for the club, and other times are organized as ways for our members to raise their own trips costs.

Donation Drives

A lot of the medications, vitamins, and other supplies utilized in our mobile clinics are able to be purchased at stores like Walmart Wegmans, and Target, and pharmacies like Rite Aid, Walgreens, and CVS.  Donation drives are events held at the storefronts of these local businesses (with their permission), where we solicit donations from people entering the store.  For example, if we need plastic bags to fill with prescriptions, we will ask those entering the store to purchase a box and donate it to us as they leave.  This prevents us from having to purchase these items with club funds.

Donation Letters

One of the best personal funraisers for our members is soliciting donations from their family, friends, physicians, etc. via written and personalized letters explaining our organization and what our members will be doing in-country.  A template letter is available to our members by clicking the image to the right.

Collaboration with Local Businesses

Penn State Global Medical Brigades also works to organize fundraisers with local business.  Usually, these involve our organization promoting an event for a restaurant or other food venues (i.e. ice cream stores) which draws a large number of people to their businesses.  We then make a previously agreed upon commission of the sales during the timeframe of the event.

This page will continue to be updated as additional fundraisers are planned.  To suggest a fundraiser or for more information about our current fundraisers, please contact our alternative fundraising chairperson, Christine Woods (