Global Medical Brigades at Penn State holds a fundraising contract with the Bryce Jordan Center.  This contracts requires us to staff a concessions stand in the arena for every event they host in exchange for a percentage of the profits from that stand. This money is used by the club to purchase medications for our clinics that we are not able to have donated. In order to obtain active status, all members must work 2 of these events.  If you are planning to travel,  members must work a minimum of 4 BJC events. Two membership points can be earned for each event worked in addition to the mandatory amount.  Below you will find a list of upcoming events and a link for sign ups, as well as information and policies regarding working these events.

Schedule of Events/Signups

Here is a list of the upcoming BJC events GMB will be working concessions at.  Sign-up links are included in the event info.  Please keep our policies (below) in mind when signing up for these events.


Volunteer Information/Club Policies

What is the uniform?


Volunteers for our BJC and Pegula fundraisers should wear a GMB t-shirt (or a plain black t-shirt), khaki or black dress pants, a Penn State hat, and sneakers.


Where should I report?


The entrance you should use when reporting to the BJC to work one of the events is the employee entrance to the stadium.  This is located on the right-hand side inside the fenced area behind the BJC, between gates C and D.  Inside this door, you will find a sign-in sheet with directions to get to the stand.


What if I signed up for an event that I can no longer work?


Being short on staff does not reflect our organization well, nor does it motivate the staff at the BJC to renew our contract.  Since this contract is so vital to our chapter's existence, we enforce strict rules when it comes to absences at these events.  If a member signs up to work an event that he/she later finds they are unable to work, he/she is responsible for finding a replacement.  If a member signs up for an event he/she is unable to work, attempts to find a replacement in our [Facebook group], is unsuccessful in finding a replacement, and does not attend the event, two membership points will be deducted.  If a member signs up for an event he/she is unable to work, does not try to find a replacement by posting on our Facebook group, and does not attend the event, he/she will be ineligible to participate in a brigade and/or achieve active membership.  To avoid any of these unpleasant circumstances, please make sure you are able to work an event BEFORE signing up.  That being said, we are willing to work with members in emergency/extreme situations.

Questions? Contact Santiago Lopez
with any questions regarding the BJC fundraiser.