On this page, you can find information about our various fundraising initiatives, both for the club and those we have organized to help our members raise some of their trip costs.

Bryce Jordan Center Fundraiser


Global Medical Brigades at Penn State holds a fundraising contract with the Bryce Jordan Center.  This contracts requires us to staff a concessions stand in the arena for every event they host in exchange for a percentage of the profits from that stand.  This money is used by the club to purchase medications for our clinics that we are not able to have donated.  Click the image above for a schedule and volunteer information.

Alternative Fundraisers


Alternative fundraisers are organized events, such as bake sales, raffles, date auctions, etc., that provide our club and our members with means or raising money and awareness.  To see a list of upcoming events, or to help organize a fundraiser for our chapter, click the image above.