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Learn about Medical Brigades in Greece!


Why do we work in Greece? 

In 2018 Global Brigades was invited to explore filling a void of Healthcare in refugee camps in Greece. The number of people coming to seek asylum is stuck in transit, international health agencies lost funding and could no longer provide care. Going along with the holistic model, Global Medical Brigade will be starting to build trust and to gather insight for creating a unique holistic model for asylum seekers.  Currently hosting more than 50,00 refugees. 

Common health concern(s): 

  • Trauma 




Interesting Facts:

  •  The official name of Greece is the Hellenic Republic 

  • 40% of the population lives in Athens 

  •  Greece has around 170 populated islands out of more than 2000




What to expect on your brigade in Greece:


Lodging Facilities of Global Brigades Greece: 


Villa Chryssoula Apartments is the current tentative lodging facility for Medical Brigades in Greece. Global Brigades has done a safety review of this lodging facility.




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