Learn about Medical Brigades in Nicaragua!


Why do we work in Nicaragua?


In the 1980s Nicaragua faced economic and political crises that resulted in devastation to the economy and infrastructure of the country. Nicaragua has slowly been recovering economically over the past three decades and has an annual growth of 4.7%. Although there has been significant improvements in the health system over the past decades, the people of Nicaragua still lack significant access to health care. The three tier health care system has resulted in 90% of the population to be placed within public health systems. This becomes a huge problem because a majority of these public health systems are severely understaffed and patients are forced to wait hours to been seen.  In fact, less than 10% of Nicaraguans have health insurance. The lack of health care access in Nicaragua is one of the main reasons why the work of Global Medical and Dental Brigades are so important. Additionally, the communities that we work in within the Department of Jinotega are rural and community members must sometimes travel hours to get to a nearby medical center. Global Brigades Nicaragua also implements Public Health brigades which is extremely important to the prevention of illnesses such as cholera and chagas' disease. With only 68% of rural people in rural communities having access to clean drinking water, it's vital that Public Health Brigades implement projects such as latrines, sanitation units with running water, concrete floors and eco-stoves. 








Common Health Concerns:

  • Chagas' disease

  • Cholera

  • Dengue fever


  • Hepatitis 

  • Malaria 

  • Arthritis


Where we will be working in Nicaragua:


Brigaders will be working in the northern department of Jinotega. The

communities that the brigade will be working in will not be selected until

2-4 weeks prior to departure. 

  • GB Nicaragua works in 25 communities in the department of Jinotega.

  • Jinotega has a population of 123,548

  • Jinotega produces 80% of Nicaragua's coffee

  • Nearly 60% of the residents of the municipality  of Jinotega live in extreme poverty in rural communities


Interesting Facts:

  • Nicaragua does not have any street names. Addresses are referenced as the proximity to landmarks.

  • Nicaragua is known for its AMAZING surf

  • Nicaragua has an active volcano called Cerro Negro (Black Hill) that you can sled down!
















Unfortunately, due to the political climate in Nicaragua, we will NOT be traveling there this year. We will continue to monitor the status of the country so we can return in the future.