Learn about Medical Brigades in Panama!


Why do we work in Panama?


Around 30% of the Panamanian population lives in poverty; the majority of these citizens live in rural communities, beyond basic health, water and educational services found in cities. Economic isolationism remains common in communities with poor transportation infrastructure. This isolation, coupled with the perception that Panama City boasts adbundant employment opportunity, fosters urban migration, a trend with many social repercussions.


Common health concerns:

  • Dengue fever
  • bacterial diaarhea
  • Parasitosis 
  • Low prevalence of malaria and HIV/AIDS



Interesting Facts:

  • Panama is located in the Central time zone

  • Panama does not participate in Daylight Savings Time

  • Panama is a tropical environment that is hot, humid and cloudy. The dry season occurs from January to May and the rainy season is May to January.

  • The Pan-American Highway begins in Circle, Alaska and continues all the way to Ushuaia, Argentina. The road's only discontinuity occurs at the "Darien Gap," a 99-mile impassable break in Panama/Colombia which begins at the town of Yaviza, Darien Province, Panama.


What to expect on your brigade in Panama:


Lodging Facilities of Global Brigades Panama:


The logistics team of Global Brigades Panama will assign the brigade to a lodging facility 2-4 weeks prior to the brigade.


  • Pro Ninos, located in the Darién region is one of the most common lodging facilities Penn State Global Brigades stays at.

  • Other lodging facilities are located in the regions of Panama City, Panama Oeste and Panama Este.







Where Global Brigades works in Panama:


Global Brigades has expanded to many different regions of Panama since first beginning programs in Panama in 2008.  Currently GB Panama is working in over 40 different communities in the regions of Coclé, Darién, Panama Oeste and Panama Este. Presently, Medical Brigades works in every one of these communities besides one. For more information about a specific community, please click here.